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B'Brew End-to-End Solutions.

We help you realize the perfect brewery by guiding you every step of the way.

B’Brew does not only offer brewery equipment, we offer you an end-to-end solution for a whole brewery. We can help you to realize the perfect brewery for you by guiding you every step of the way. It does not matter how big or crazy your idea might be, B’Brew will always help and guide you with it so your idea becomes reality. We also supply you architectural support for the layout of your brewery or taproom. We will help you to organize your building as efficient as possible. We are able to help you with any question or problem because of our worldwide network of people specialized within the brewing sector.


Design & Concept

At B’Brew the first thing we do is listen to our client and try to get to know what the client wants. Every small detail is important for us, so we are able to give you the perfect solution for what you exactly want. We design your brewery to your needs and to your building’s possibilities. While searching together for the best solution, we also try to think about our and your ecological footprint. We will always choose the best solution for you and the environment.




We can take care of all the transport of the equipment if you want us to. We are able to provide the transport up to your door, like we do with most of our projects. We also take care of all the paperwork that comes with the transport.



If the client wishes so, the installation will be done by B’Brew and its team. We prefer to do it this way because our team is trained for this. If our team does the installation, we can guarantee everything will go as planned.




All of the software we use for our brewhouses is created under the supervision of B’Brew. Because of this, we can make sure all of the software runs perfectly.


Training & Startup

When the brewhouse is in place and connected, we will also help you to start up the brewery and how to work with it. We provide training for the employees of the new brewery so everything works out perfectly well. This training can be provided for as long as you and your team need it.


We help you design the brewery you want.

We can offer you a total solution for your whole brewery. It is possible to supply you a turnkey solution, including layout, design, pipe sizing and dimensions. The design of our Belgian product is done by Bert Van Hecke, who has a lot of experience with brewing and making breweries. The design will be individually done for every project, depending on the request.