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B’Brew is a Belgian engineered product known for its high quality of brewery machines and fair price.

Brewery Systems

The B’Brew brewery systems are Belgian engineered and known for its high quality and fair price. B’Brew systems are modular expandable in size and level of automation so we can help to grow with your brewery step by step. Every brewing system is designed to work with reduced energy needs and optimized water savings at minimal cost, so we help you to reduce your ecological footprint from day one.

Brewery Solutions

With B’Brew brewery solutions we go the extra mile and help to create fully customized brewhouses, brewery setups and fermentation cellars up to your logo, merchandise and even your website. You want to brew with old school classic copper kettles, with a specific brewing technique, extreme hop usage, inside a building with a certain feeling and layout? You name it, we will help you out from the first sketch through design and architectural support to make your dream come true.


B’Brew works together with Lehui who is building the brewery tanks for the brewery systems. Lehui, who is the second largest brewery manufacturer in the world for industrial brewhouses is capable of building brewhouses up to 1000HL in brew length. Lehui has 30 years of experience in manufacturing brewery equipment and that is the reason B’Brew chose to work with Lehui to have the best B’Brew design combined with top quality brewery tanks. Companies like Heineken, ABInBev, Kingway and BBH trust Lehui’s brewery tanks and so do we at B’Brew. Together with Lehui’s employees, we watch over the quality of the brewery equipment by visiting their facilities in Ningbo on a frequent basis.

B’Brew also works with engineering and manufacturing companies all over the world. We co-operate with a South African manufacturing company, with who we cooperated to create very efficient CIP systems. Names like Heineken, Diageo and many more have also trusted in this company. The architect we work with designed castles and high end buildings for millionaires, today he helps us to create your customized brewery layout ready for your architects to implement in the construction drawings. All of our products have the right certifications for America, Europe and Asia. The components used for the brewhouses are coming from well known brands such as Siemens, Alfa Laval, SPX, E&H.

B’Brew takes care of your shipments and installations, we are a top quality Belgian brand and it is B’Brew you are buying from.

The development of a logo, website or merchandise is worked out in close co-operation with marketing specialists and designers who can help to develop your own house style and integrate it within the overall brewery concept.

The strength of B’Brew is in its team who together can solve any problem and consists of welders, architects, engineers, and many more.

Our Founder

If you want to get to know B’Brew, you should first meet the founder, Bert Van Hecke. Bert started as home brewer and learned the tricks of the trade in some world-famous breweries! As a graduated brewing engineer, he worked in a geuze brewery and a trappist brewery, with old school brewhouses from the 19th century up to state of the art continuous brewhouses. He gained experience abroad in breweries in Fort Collins (USA), in Brooklyn (USA), as brewmaster in Suzhou (China) and in Galati (Romania). He helped to bring back original beers and designed breweries on the most beautiful locations. With his “Triporteur” beer brand he keeps experimenting to create new beers based on the specialty malts he bakes, roasts and toasts by himself.


B’Brew’s vision is to help every (starting) brewer to realize their dream of the perfect tailored brewhouse. Whether that is fully automated or manual to have the ultimate brewing experience. Our objective is to help everyone to brew beers and to do it well!

B’Brew is a Belgian engineered product which is known for its high quality and fair price. B’Brew offers brewhouses as a unit and components thereof. It can be implemented on its own if you brew beer on a small scale, form part of a bigger setup or if you brew beer on a commercial scale. The design of the tailored brewhouse is done by B’Brew, including the corresponding software. Also for the startup and installation you can trust on B’Brew. All this can be done for every (starting) brewer who wants a tailored brewhouse to his specific wishes and needs or just a brewery that needs new parts.


We help you design the brewery you want.

We can offer you a total solution for your whole brewery. It is possible to supply you a turnkey solution, including layout, design, pipe sizing and dimensions. The design of our Belgian product is done by Bert Van Hecke, who has a lot of experience with brewing and making breweries. The design will be individually done for every project, depending on the request.