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B'Brew Brewery Tanks.

If it’s a brewery tank you need, whether it is serving, fermenter, etc. we have you covered.

We offer you a wide range of tanks for breweries: Fermenters, Serving tanks, Bright Beer tanks, Combi tanks and Custom tanks. We adjust every tank to your specific wishes and needs and according to your building. Our purpose is to help you brew delicious beer and we try to do it by offering you the best tanks and brewery equipment possible. Every tank can be modified to the possibilities of your brewery or building so it fits in well. We can provide tanks of any size needed.

We help you design the brewery you want.

We can offer you a total solution for your whole brewery. It is possible to supply you a turnkey solution, including layout, design, pipe sizing and dimensions. The design of our Belgian product is done by Bert Van Hecke, who has a lot of experience with brewing and making breweries. The design will be individually done for every project, depending on the request.