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B'Brew CIP Installations.

Our CIP (Clean-in-Place) system can be used in every sector, and can be custom designed for anyone who needs it.

The CIP installations from B’Brew works different than the standard CIP installations. They are safer and simple in use. Each B’Brew CIP has a balance tank used to make up and heat only the chemicals you need. The working principle and CIP programs reduces the used water, chemicals and energy consumption while it adds flexibility and makes disinfection of tanks and lines much easier and safer. The balanced tank setup makes it possible to start with a simplified setup which can be expanded up to 5 CIP buffer tanks. We have a manual system a semi-automatic system up to a fully automated setup.


With our CIP tanks, the wort cooler can be cleaned individually by this tank. The wort cooler can also be cleaned on a higher flow rate because of our design of CIP tank. Our CIP tanks allow the recuperation of chemicals and the pipes of the brewery can get a hot cleaning. The sieve used in the B’Brew HOP (Hop back) also fits in the CIP tank so it can be cleaned together. There is a point of support provided in the CIP tank for the sieve.

B'Brew CIP System


The B’Brew CIP systems always start with the unique B’Brew CIP module. The module is available in a manual, semi-automatic and a fully automatic setup. From this module the system grows and becomes the custom CIP solution you are looking for. The CIP system is operational on its own, there is no need to have additional CIP buffertanks to get you started.


We help you design the brewery you want.

We can offer you a total solution for your whole brewery. It is possible to supply you a turnkey solution, including layout, design, pipe sizing and dimensions. The design of our Belgian product is done by Bert Van Hecke, who has a lot of experience with brewing and making breweries. The design will be individually done for every project, depending on the request.